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I just wanted to add... maybe instead of going to them (or him) with complaints of what you aren't getting... you can see if there's something you can do to help them out? Give a little?

I mean, relationships are give and take... and sometimes you're going to be giving more than you get, and vice versa. This seems to be a time when giving a little more is going to be more helpful in the long run.

What do you think is going to benefit this relationship better? Saying you're feeling left out and mistreated... or going to her and telling her how you can see how hard this must be for her, and how stressed out she must be, and what can you do to help relieve some of that stress?

Maybe if she saw you as a partner in the relationship, who would be there for him AND her, she wouldn't feel so threatened and wouldn't be so apt to strike out? It might not be the case, but what could it hurt to try?

My guess is if you continue to see her as a "bitch", your feelings are going to come through loud and clear (if they haven't already), and you'll end up losing both of them.

It's up to you...
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