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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Maybe your husband just doesn't want to spend all the time at the event explaining the relationship, to any people there who don't know already. You don't have to hide all contact or affectionate gestures with him just because you intro him as friend. Or does hubs want that to be suppressed, too?
My husband would rather I suppress PDA when we're all out together as of right i said we're all new to this. I get your point about him being a friend, too. We live in a pretty conservative area, so I guess he doesn't really want to spend the evening explaining, either...I didn't think about that.

@redpepper and mono. Thanks for the perspective. I know they need to communicate, too. I will let them hash it out amongst themselves later this week. Thanks again!

I know that its only been two months, its not my first poly situation, but it is my first time being involved with two feels a lot different than the triad I had and it feels a little more complicated, both privately and socially.

Thanks for the perspective and responses, everyone! In all of this I really just want to be respectful and kind to both of my partners, and I really think yall have the wisdom of experience to help me out with this. I appreciate it immensely.
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