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He does try to help me be more comfortable, as he knows this isn't easy on me. But I guess what I feel is important isn't the same as what he feels is important.

We had a brief chat this morning regarding it and how I'm feeling. Him and Sunshine are meeting today for coffee and what not - and I am ok with that. I encourage them to spend as much time with each other as they can get - I just would like to be kept informed...again, not every single detail, but a brief synapsis I guess you could call it.

Sunshine is also my first real girlfriend and I don't know how to be one!! I have shared this with her and explained to her how I feel. She understands and has stated she will work with me. She is not new to poly, as her and her other gf have been in this relationship for many years, it's more me.

I am still reading as much as I can, both here on the forum and the links given.

Just having a down time with it I guess. Time to start looking at it as three separate relationships and learn to understand that they will all grow at their own speeds and just because she does "this" with him, doesn't necessarily mean she wants "this" done with me or by me the same way.

Just when you thought you were ready and knew all you needed to know and had all your feelings and concerns discussed .... a few more come crawling out of the closet.

Thank you for your support guys! I will try to update regularily as this "letting it all out" does make the mind more at ease.

Me (Angel): almost 40 yr old bi female - married to S: 44 yr old straight male & Sunshine: 40 yr old bi female who is our shared gf
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