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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I've always been this way... When we first met, my ex used to call me a slut, because of my dating around before we met. I sloughed off any negative connotations, because I was, in my mind, a free love hippie, with a "make love not war" kind of attitude.

Lucky for me, I was never shamed by the communities I lived in as trash. I never needed to worry about my reputation.
Thanks for this reminder Mags,

I think we (those of us from a certain period) often need this reminder. That we did live in a unique time, where labels and attitudes were changing fast. A lot of analysis, opening up, loosening up if you will. Then it fizzled
But there were valuable lessons learned and insights gained that are uncommon in today's culture. So it's good to try to relight that candle when you can...........

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