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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I disagree here. To me a slut is not a sexual healer. Its someone who enjoys the amount of sex they feel comfortable with regardless and without thought of what others say. Usually, but not always, before they are called a slut.
Ok - that's fine. Like we've said before - we run into this constantly. Everyone seems to adopt their own meaning of any particular word and one is usually (although not always) as good as another.

Out in "the world", the term 'slut' is often used for any.....I'm going with the female gender...girl/woman who is just known for having a lot of sex with different people regardless of what her motivation might be. And at least in my experience, ladies like that often have altruistic motivations as much as not. It's not often about the physical pleasure they might think of receiving as much as just wanting to foster that closeness that often comes with sex. For themself and the other person.

It's part of an old debate that there is no such thing as a truly altruistic act. That anything we do always has some self serving motivation behind it - even if it's only ego. But that's off topic and beyond what we need to get into here

But back to the point, I still feel that what's important is to foster that attitude and understanding of the role of sex so that people can engage in it for whatever reason they choose and have that accepted without label - or even discussion. We don't question or debate why people eat. We just accept it as part of being and staying alive.

Originally Posted by redpepper
To me a sexual healer is someone that has sex with people they see as less fortunate, in need of comforting, closeness or just a good fuck. There is little to no thought of themselves.
I agree, and feel we have all (most?) played that role at one point and hopefully will again if it's needed. But per my prev comments, there's something in it for us too.

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