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Default Extremely Frustrated

Hi all I have been on this board for a bit and thought its time to take the leap and reach out as I have read a bit here and know there is a whole world of like minded people that think like me. I have been married for 12 years and we met as a ffm trio. J and I decided to get married and move back to Toronto leaving x there. We were younger and got into swinging and a few ffm threesomes. We have also been into a few mmf threesomes. Long story short there are a lot of egos and crap in the swinging lifestyle and not alot of caring so we stopped swinging.

For the last two years J has been turned off sex and I have been very patient. She has encouraged me to find a lover and have replied to ads for us but most are either swingers or appealed by us being married and me having a lover. J has had a few lovers but she seems happy with us finding a lover and friend.

We have no issues with being with another couple as friends and lovers but J does not want to interact and this displeases others.

Sorry for the long intro but I have a lot more to say and I will start a blog as I like to write. I can put a lot into my words creating fictional scenarios but for now I am gonna listen to your feedback and please give us some input.

Maybe a triad with another couple where the lady is shared would perhaps be best for now?
I have a 60's mindset of sharing and caring although I am drug and alcohol free. I do however believe in peace and love and giving.

Anyway thanks for letting me join here and I will be posting more.
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