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my 2 cents - Two months in is not that long. Introducing him as your boyfriend could be presumptuous - my dear much more experienced husband has confirmed some other people's opinions, that many poly relationships fizzle at or not long after 3 months, so making a big splash before something is more of a certainty can be awkward (or maybe make your husband worry that you'll be seen as somebody who is flighty with their affection in case at the Christmas parties you might be with a new boyfriend with the old one nowhere to be seen?).

Now at 7 months, I assume my husband should be comfortable with me introducing my boyfriend AS my boyfriend. (In my life, my husband is fine with whatever whenever, so I am probably the more conservative one - I wouldn't feel OK with him introducing a gf of 2 months as his gf at a work party but a serious-er longer term gf isn't awkward) But certainly, if it doesn't bother your boyfriend, don't let it bother you, if it does, obviously there is some discussion to be had all around.

If this is your first poly relationship, I would certainly err on the side of being conservative though. Does your husband have a girlfriend? Hurrying to be 100% out to everybody in a situation where all your AND your husband's friends will be there, can be stressful if only you have a partner to introduce around.
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