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Iloveyoutwo, welcome to the board. I've had experience with a similar scenario on the past, and am currently struggling with the temptation again. I will share them here, hoping you can somehow learn something from them.

Back when my ex and I split (after 30 years), I knew I wanted to be poly, but didnt have it all figured out yet. I met a guy on ok cupid in a long term sexless marriage. He fell in love with me, and I felt fondly towards him. It was never "in love" for me, but love as I'd love a good friend.

His wife had bad physical and mental illnesses which made her reclusive and unable to work, in the home or outside of it. They had a teen son with the same mental illness. J's job and his insurance were needed for her medical care. She was off sex... they had a vanilla quickie, where she laid there like a dead fish, about twice a year. Besides being ill, she was also a bitch, he'd tell me the horrible ways she treated him. He'd have been much better off without her, but cared enough to stay so she could have health insurance.

After a couple of months and hours of IMing, I met with him. We had a friendship for 2 years and had sex a handful of times. J was also bisexual and since I am, that was another bond. We even went to a nudist camp together the last time we met. It was a lifelong dream of his, and it took him a year to convince me to go (but I loved it!).

After 2 years, a handful of meetings and hundreds of hours of great supportive talks about jobs and kids and all kinds of stuff, we finally broke it off. I feel I did bring some joy and beauty into a life that was rather dark and sad. He could be himself around me! However, since I am a positive actualized person, I gradually felt brought down by his sad homelife, and his feelings he was powerless to change things.
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