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Default Part 3

@River: Sadly, I agree with your remark about my bf being a hostage (a willing one) rather than a husband. And yes, his actions and words indicate that his self-esteem and self-worth are extremely low, which could end up being the ultimate cause of the failure of the relationship. I am a firm believer that one must truly love themselves in order to genuinely love another. If he canít come around on that score I canít be anything more than a casual friend. Again, one day at a time right now.

@redpepper: I donít know if it would count as ďempathyĒ but my bf excuses his wifeís behavior by saying it is cultural and he just needs to learn to live with it. I donít believe that just because something is cultural it is necessarily good and right. Iíve actually stood up for her to him a couple times even though Iíve only met the woman once for about 30 seconds. She is extremely shy. Of course itís one sided. I canít call her up and say, ďHi there. Iím in a close relationship with your husband and I want to know what fell apart in your marriage and how we might work to fix it.Ē Unfortunately.
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