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Default Part 2

@nycindie: I believe you have possibly got the mark right with regard to the wife stating sheís opposed to him finding intimacy elsewhere, but may, in fact be accepting of not knowing about it. My research into the Japanese marital culture would indicate this is a common phenomenon. So, yes, there is that possibility. I just wish my bf could consider that and look into it as well.

And I have definitely learned the ďnever say neverĒ mantra. Oi vay!

@dingedheart: I met this man at work last fall, so about a year ago. We became good friends as coworkers in February. By late March I knew I had fallen, and fallen HARD for him. We did not discover, confess, our mutual feelings for each other until May. So, five months.

Yes, the decks have been cleared for my husband. He has fallen for a friend of mine and I find it adorable. They are not officially dating yet, but they have spent time together and Iím not experiencing the green-eyed monster. Iím having too much fun seeing the spark in my husbandís eyes. Even if things donít work out with me and my boyfriend I would not want my husband to stop pursuing this other relationship.

@GroundedSpirit: Thank you. I appreciated your response. I never thought of myself as a risk taker in this regard but I feel that there is hope for something better if I stay in this relationship. Better for him. Only time will tell.

@rory: My empathy may indeed run out at some point. My patience may run out at some point. All very real possibilities. Right now Iím being very patient, but I make no guarantees that I can be infinitely patient. Iíve not had even the slightest inclination to think he would be cheating on me. As Iíve mentioned, he canít even bring himself to completely cheat WITH me.
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