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Default Introducing my boyfriend to my husband's friends...

DH and boyfriend get along great, and we can all be together without any awkwardness. I've only been dating my bf for a little over 2 months, so I'm wanting to take this slow as far as integrating him into our lives in any way. However, there is an event this week that we all want to attend together, and a lot of my husband's (and my) friends will be there.

Our friends know that we're poly, and they know that I have a bf, however, my husband wants him to be introduced as "my friend" for whatever reason. I'm not sure if I'm okay with this, as I feel its a little disrespectful to my bf and I'm not sure why my husband wants this...he hasn't really given me an answer as to why, he just keeps saying that my bf will be cool with it, which is probably true, but maybe it shouldn't be.

Should I take this as a red flag? Should I wait a little while so we can grow more comfortable about "coming out" as it were?
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