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Life is busy.

We had a great Canadian Thanks Giving weekend last weekend. A visit from my brother and his girlfriend topped it off. It was her birthday and I treated her (our money) to a horse and carriage ride in the fall leaves. Beautiful out and she seemed to really enjoy it. So did everyone else. Mono couldn't come because there was only room for 7 on the carriage so he had a bike ride instead with his buddies. He needed a break from my family by then anyway I think

PN took us all out on a mushroom hunt the day before and we found many varieties... but none to eat. Thankfully he had been out earlier in the week and picked some for our dinner. YUM! So good. We made a big feast of pot luck items... most involved cheese. We like our cheese apparently.

Everyone got on well and we all had an excellent time. I think it was probably the best time yet. A huge feat due to some really strong characters and independent thinkers... also some real organizers who conflict in most circumstances.

I haven't seen Derby in about two weeks as a result of holidays, being sick and off work and because she is away on a conference this week. I am hoping next week we can at least meet for coffee.... date to follow the week after. Date with Leo too for that matter! He has been in the process of buying a business and a building to put it in. I've had a few texts and emails from him out of the blue. He actually listened when I said I just needed him to contact me sometimes.

I have a show coming up next Friday that I am doing three numbers in. One is a cat number that I am really enjoying preparing for. It has a cheeky message about hair at the end of it when I do my reveal. I have the schedule for all next year now so I can plan my life around monthly shows. I think I am a keeper to the producer! Yay...

I have a few workshops lined up already for the new year at a local sex positive community center... for want of a better term. I am planning to do a version of the mono/poly workshop we do and one on sexual boundaries that include sexual self defense. How to look after our boundaries and stay solid in who we are in a community that promotes promiscuity and indulgence. I can't believe that I can actually say that I live a life where that would/could be an issue for some! Who would of guessed, considering the past and how sex of any kind was frowned upon except if it is with your husband... and don't talk about it please!

This weekend Mono and I will celebrate his 40th. We are going to the island property that my parents built. The one that only a couple of years ago they asked PN and I to sign over to them as they were in a state of horror about Mono being in our lives. Ironic no?

We intend to take a chain saw and do some wood cutting. Last time we were there Mono helped my dad cut some trees down and now we will process them for fire wood. Should be an excellent weekend... PN had a line up of social events with LB and his friends... fun all around for all of us
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