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I agree totally.

I never realized I even had a 'slut' issue until the last 2 years.
I actually use to joke in high school that 'A slut is just a person, who refuses to say no, to a good opportunity.'

Then someone attempted to call me one during sex, (meant it in a sexy way.) and ended up backhanded, and alone. ( It was consensual rough sex, so don`t get your panties in a wad, about the backhand.)

Why I had the strong reaction, I debated for a long time. I was NOT raised in a slut-shaming environment. In fact, even my grandparents use to encourage us NOT to seriously date the first guy we came across. They encouraged us to keep dating 'light hearted' at a young age. To date different people, and find out what kind of people we actually like, before getting serious.

Anyhow, I have learned even when you think you are all pro-active, you can still have triggers !!!

I suffered from the : 'I can call myself a slut, but you can`t. ' because I bought into the concept at some point, that sluts are submissives in most peoples eyes. I could refer to myself as one with pride, but if someone else said it, I automatically assumed I was being downgraded.

I`ve since fixed that issue, and become very aware of the silly things we all do, and slut-shame in small ways.

The current thing I notice, is how being a slut or enjoying sex, has been automatically equaled with lacking respect for your partner, being careless, or lacking of emotions.....All this, among people who should know better.

While there may be a good percentage of people who are disrespectful, careless and cold, I think its interesting, that even in a 'enlightened' crowd, it still seems to be the 'rule' to associate it all together, rather then just a section of the population.

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