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I don't think it's just about fucking two women at once for him, in fact he has probably done that. In his younger days he worked as a bouncer at a strip club, and he's dated models, etc. so I feel very sure he has had opportunity for all that. And he's told me he's into freaky sex, whatever that means. We are all three late middle age now, and I think it's about stability, security, fun and still having new things to explore together. He and I share alot of dreams - travel, deep sea fishing, etc.

It sounds weird to talk about date night, because we all do stuff together, and with just he and I and just he and Jean, all the time. Like I said, we are in business together so there are lots of opportunities - moreso for him and Jean and for he and I, because I have another job as well plus I go to the gym all the time, so I'm not around as much. It seems really natural and organic to be with him. In fact, at times I want to touch him, hold his hand, etc. and I catch myself remembering - "Oh, this isn't that kind of a relationship!" I mean, we have held hands and stuff just in the course of life activities, but not just to hold handsin a romantic way . I do rub his hairy chest alot because I love it, and that is one thing Jean doesn't have, LOL!!! I have a hair fettish, but that's for another blog.....

I keep thinking that eventually we will all be together and the subject will come up naturally. I just hung up the phone from him calling me on his way home from work and I so wanted to say, "So, what do you think of someone dating two people seriously at the same time?" But I didn't.

Anyway, it's true that the best way to get everything out in the open is to, well, get everything out in the open. I guess it's just a question of where, when, and how. I do think I need to speak with Jean privately, first, because we are the ones with the 14 years together and I don't want her to feel blindsided or set up in any way.

Or, there is always the trip to Gatlinburg coming up, where Jean has already proposed group sex.....maybe I can take her up on that offer. I would have no idea what to do, though, never done it with more than one person. that's probably for another thread, too.......
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