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Default My mistakes


I was in a similar situation to yours. Beloved and I were together for 12 years. (We're both women.) We broke up this month. Our breakup was caused in part because of sexual issues. Our sex life had become so fraught with tension, anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of hurting each other's feelings. We couldn't find our way out of these problems.

So if there are any issues in your sex life with Jean, address them NOW before either or both of you enter into another relationship.

Which leads me to my other point. Beloved and I were non-monogamous. Non-monogamy didn't cause the breakup. However, it did highlight all of the problems in our relationship.

Non-monogamy, and maybe especially poly, will bring any and all issues you and Jean have to the surface. It may magnify any insecurities you or Jean have.

Good luck.
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