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Default This week so far...

Well this week I've had an amazing time with the Cuddler. Everything is so fantastic at the moment (you guys call it NRE) although given that I've known him so long it is different energy to anything I've felt before. Utter, sheer, fantastic bliss.

Had a lot of crap going on in life, lots to do, lots of worries etc so had a bit of a wobble & started worrying too much about everything (moi? worry?). It's funny, I am believe it or not usually quite a laid back person, able to take life as it comes. Instead of relish the unknown I have found myself trying to distance myself from it; to compartmentalise everything into neat and tidy boxes. In my life though, that just doesn't work. So I've kick started an old hobby of mine: lists! Man I love lists! I can't compartmentalise my life, and certainly not the life of others, but I can make my daily chores orderly

One struggle I've had recently is one with the Geek. I've noticed that he's been struggling somewhat with the whole 'let's be friends' thing so have started backing off & keeping quiet(er). This is working well; I realised that it was just selfish expressing my feelings when he is trying to 'move on'. Space is what's needed right now, even if he's not able to ask for it. What are other peoples views/experiences of being poly & having a monogamous ex?
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