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Default I Never Thought About That.....

That's true, he is in close proximity and that could be the reason for the attraction. We spend alot of time together, know each other very well, etc. so it is logical that he is the object of my affection. It's certainly going to be a disaster if the three of us go into business and then this dating thing doesn't work, who leaves, etc?

The way the business thing is shaking out, he and I are going to be doing alot of it ourselves. It's about 1.5 hours away, Jean has to run the other business here locally so she will be around occassionally on weekends, but alot of it is Danny and I doing it alone. I can't help but feel if the opportunity presented itself, things might happen, and it would be better for it to all be out in the open.

He is just such a good, nice person, a true southern gentleman with exceptional morals, and I think out of respect for my relationship with Jean he probably would put the brakes on something before it went too far, but then it would just be awkward between us.

In some ways, it would be better for me to see a man she doesn't know. Then the jealousies, etc. wouldn't be quite as personal.
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