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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Well, I was raised in a conservative evangelical home. I was involved in a few cult-like para-church organizations. Then, in 2009, I was in a cult, essentially. All of this really affected my views on sexuality. I also went to a very sex positive college for a year and half. So that had a big influence on me too. I'll have to do a more extensive blog post of some of that. it's a long story.
Very interesting.

Oh Christians. I always get a kick out of the Christian denial of the flesh. Sex negative, often teetoalling and anti caffeine even.

Then those Catholics, who deny the flesh by self flagellating. LOL Flogging is its own fleshly rush.

Well, for me, kink usually turns me on quite a bit. In fact, it's one of the only things that does. Since I've never had sex, it's easier for me to play and not have sex.
I guess. BTW, congrats on the hymen surgery.

So you do get turned on, but then go home and play with yourself instead of just shagging the play partner? I hope you find a sensitive lover into both!

I'm still annoyed by how Nurse wanted to play AND act like an item but still not have a "relationship" of any kind other than "friends." Total bullshit. I did develop a sense of intimacy with him and was sort of miffed when that seemed to freak him out.
Yeah, he wasn't the right guy.

I did take down my OKC profile. I figured OKC just doesn't work for me and that's ok.
I took a 2 month break because of several things that went badly, but I am back trying again.
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