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After reading more of your posts, I do think the fact that they own a business together is something to consider. On one hand, it sounds marvelous, like a movie - you are all there, working on something, you look up at him just as the light streams in the window just right, music plays as he looks at you, a wonderful love affair ensues. However, it could also turn out not so good, and jeopardize good friendships and a business arrangement. Could it be that you have developed a crush on him simply because of proximity? And the fact that you are craving some masculine energy and a good hard pounding? Maybe you're kind of focused on him just because he's always around and you're feeling lonely due to Jean's schedule.

It's possible that he is the totally wrong person to pursue anything with, even though he may be flirty with you. Some people push boundaries with others they feel they can never have (because of your relationship with Jean). He has changed the subject whenever you make humorous remarks that could have led to a discussion about getting involved, he's buying a biz with Jean, and he's not had a relationship for three years. The last part is the biggest red flag for me. He may not be the best candidate for you to get involved with.

I think, though, that you need to discuss opening your relationship with Jean, without suggesting him as a possibility right away. However you word it that you want to also be with a man, see what she says first before you bring up Danny.
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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