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Default Need To Talk About It

I guess what strikes me about what all of you have said and advised is that it's not weird and unnatural to want to be with two people at once. I think you just talk about it and see if you can happen upon a solution that works for everyone. We all three truly love one another, so we should be able to come up with a solution that works for all parties concerned.

Magdlyn is right - I don't want Jean and Danny having sex on the side without me. All too often, we let labels dictate what our feelings should be about someone. Just because Jean has been a lifelong lesbian doesn't mean she couldn't develop feelings for Danny. I do know that our friend John told me that Jean is very threatened when I dance with guys, or show them any kind of attention, because she is insecure since I used to be with guys and feels I might leave her for one.

With her, I fear more that she would leave me for another woman. I rarely ever think about her being even attracted to men. I actually wouldn't mind if she wanted to sleep with someone else, just not someone that I also want to sleep with - I wouldn't like that at all!

I wish when the three of us were together we could somehow all talk about it, but it just seems like a strange kind of discussion to have. I hope the discussion between Jean and I will come sooner rather than later so this can be resolved......she and Danny are going to be together all weekend because I will be out of town working a trade show for work. Maybe if she and I could discuss it, then she could find an opportunity this weekend to talk to Danny about it. For some reason I think it will be easier for her to talk to him than me.
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