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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
Yes, I guess seeing her maybe change her physical response towards him maybe evokes a competitive edge in me that I don't usually have but in all honesty, it stems from the fact that I feel she is the one feeling the sudden competition and making these advances only when friends are around or she feels threatened.

She has told him several times in the last several months that he is free to leave her, despite her critical illness, that she would forgive him and love him anyways.... but he was racked with guilt by that statement and declared his commitment to her.
Do you believe that is his only reason ? This sounds to me like you previously thought, or circumstances lead you to believe he loved you 'more'. That the lack of physical affection in their relationship caused him to love her 'less'. Maybe he even believed this, and shared this with you.

It is possible that he is feeling a renewed love for her ? You might not of been expecting to truly 'share' him.
Even if his wife is doing things for attention, in her own odd way, she is expressing that he matters to her.

You could very well be surprised by the feelings that still exsist between them. More then you thought you would be.
I mean this well, but in order to feel that competitive streak rise, you would of had to of felt 'ahead' in the first place.
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