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This sounds all too familiar. One minute you are just sad, because you realize that you really do love this person. You want things to be fixed, but don't know how to get there. Then the next minute you can't even see straight because you feel so evicerated by the lies. It will take time and it can feel like the end of the world in the process, but you can recover if both of you want to. Small steps are good.

I too found that the revelation of being lied to trumped everything. I could understand mistakes, things done in anger, in thoughtless abandon, etc, but finding out the person you loved knowingly lied and set out to deceive you is harder to get over and for many reasons, hurts more and deeper than anything.

Basically, your house is in the process of getting temporary supports installed, because the foundation cracked and needs to be repaired. Once the supports are in place, then you can work on permanantely fixing the foundation.
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