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Default Sayin' Hi.

Hi everyone.
A bit new here, been reading lots on these forums for a few weeks though. I'm finding lots of good advise on lots of different things. I am not much of a poster though. I suppose I should tell folks a bit about me and my relationships.

I'm in my early 30's in a relationship with two guys. One I've been with for 11 years, We'll call him E, we've lived together, and not together. Carried on a very long distance relationship, and had years where we haven't been able to be physically together. To say 'it's complicated' would be a very large understatement. But, we are where we are and are comfortable with it.

I am also in a relationship with T. He and I have been together for 3.5 years. He is somewhat new to poly, though not to open relationships. We live in different cities, though not so far apart that it is impossible to see each other very frequently. T is/was also in another relationship that began almost a year ago, and it has been a rather rocky time for all involved.

His girlfriend B is completely new to poly, communication between her and I is strained at best. We've not actually spoken to each other in months. It takes a lot of effort on my part to actually be able to say anything at all to her, given that she has an adverse reaction to me even acknowledging her presences in the few situations we have all been together in. Their relationship is largely kept completely separate from me.

More about all of that in a separate post when I feel up to it. I am, like most everyone else, looking for some advice on how to get past some of the bumpier parts of this. Rather wish I'd have found these forums earlier in this adventure.

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