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Originally Posted by veganchick View Post
I understand how some of the things Podunk and I have posted may not accurately explain the situation.

It is to be expected that Podunk is going to be angry and that his feelings are going to fluctuate day by day. This was his "serene" spot to escape the stressful conversations we are having daily and to share in a dialogue with others. Is he going to be mad as hell sometimes? I'd say. Is he going to try to talk things out in his mind and with others? Yeah.

Let's not forget the hurt I've caused, though.

I said he has a entitlement to his anger and bitterness. I don`t think anyone is excusing you. Well, I wasn`t. Actions speak louder then words to me, and always have.

However he is barking at the very people trying to help him. He does not seem to want to see himself as anything other then the martyr.

Thing is though, you can`t control others, you can only control yourself. If he wants to feel better, he needs to look at his own actions, decide what is appropriate, and what isn`t. Decide what he can, and cannot handle, and legitimately stick by it.

Defending his own thread, then bashing you on yours, then going over and over the ; 'she did this, she did that' is only going to make him feel crazy.

Many people have tried to be kind to him with the various ways things can be seen, and he seems to have decided to rebuttal anything that has to do with shining a light on himself.

So if what he is doing is so awesome, hows that working out for him ?

He might want to absorb what people tell him here, and wait to reserve judgement on how great, awful, or preachy the advice is. Trying something different, then what he has previously been doing, might get him somewhere he hasn`t been before.

If you are looking to earn brownie points defending him, kudos. Hope it works. This feels odd posting like he isn`t even here, so I`ll bow out now.
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