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Obviously, none of us here can say whether she has some mental illness or not. It could be so many things, some kind of trauma, a schizoaffective disorder, even just stress or hormones. However, her mixing alcohol with anxiety medication is not a good sign, and neither is her flagrant disregard for your feelings. She doesn't seem to respect you or anyone else, or even herself for that matter. Sure, one could say that you both have vastly different views of how to "do poly" (she does seem rather focused on fucking everyone in sight, which doesn't really express the "amor" part of polyamory), and that's creating a huge problem. But from what you've written here, it just looks like you're on a sinking ship, and not because of poly. I don't think you're a narcissist at all, based on the questioning and soul-searching you're doing. You threw a glass, but she deftly got you to that breaking point. If you stay with her, I don't see you getting much more out of this disaster of a relationship, other than her continuing to abuse and take advantage of you. She even turned the therapist against you. She has some serious issues to deal with and, for your own sanity, I do agree that you need to grab a life-raft and paddle yourself the hell away from this shipwreck. And don't look back!
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