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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
So Podunk Rulz, and Veganchick drools. Got it.

When you are ready to stop your holier-then-thou shit Podunk, you might start figuring the pieces of this puzzle out.
You have a anger and bitterness that you are more then entitled to. However, it`s become a source of pedestal-sitting for you.

If the past 6 years were sooooo fucking awesome, How does years worth of good decisions and closesness, get scraped for this moment in time, where she failed in your heart ?

The irony, is you then turn around, and want to say that all your compliments on her, shouldn`t be scraped, over some 'minor' comments about her not being enough for you.

I`d say the only one preaching is you.
I understand how some of the things Podunk and I have posted may not accurately explain the situation. There is so much lost in online translation. That is one of the reasons I initially skipped posting. But, I allowed my desperation to get to me and decided to start my own thread. This was probably a mistake.

It is to be expected that Podunk is going to be angry and that his feelings are going to fluctuate day by day. This was his "serene" spot to escape the stressful conversations we are having daily and to share in a dialogue with others. Is he going to be mad as hell sometimes? I'd say. Is he going to try to talk things out in his mind and with others? Yeah.

I appreciate so many people caring about all of my issues and accepting me as human. Let's not forget the hurt I've caused, though. There are 5 stages of grief. This loss will take a long time to heal/overcome.
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