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Default Relief!

Lively and I have plans to see each other this week. We're going to hang out and watch a movie. Then I will probably jump his bones. It will just be so nice to see him.

The reason I'm posting this on the Success thread is that I have been sort of holding my breath to see what happens after our last time together when I took the plunge and uttered those infamous three words to him ("I love you"). I am so relieved he didn't run away and break it off like Shorty did. Okay, maybe it's not yet a poly success, since Lively's the only one in my life right now, but knowing he wants to keep this casual but still wants to be with me after I told him how I feel... makes me hopeful. I feel like I can build from here and find another person to be in relationship with, knowing Lively will stick around. That doesn't seem logical when I write it out, but it makes sense to me. This is the first time since I chose to embrace polyamory that I won't be starting over again with no one in my life.

So, yay!
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