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Originally Posted by ray View Post
In other news, Nurse and I are no longer speaking. He had a couple of angry outbursts, including a scene where he neglected to tell me that he was furious at me but went ahead and beat the crap out of me any way.
Originally Posted by ray View Post
I probably don't need to make excuses for him...he does have knowledge of how to be a safe player, in fact he's the head DM for one of the most widely respected play spaces in my city. He, does, however, have a really bad habit of not dealing with his emotions and allowing that to come out in play rather than just talking about it. I guess he knows, he just chooses not to do it. And it's unpredictable too.... E and M are women and yeah, they're pretty smart. They are primarily friends. I've played a little with E. Nurse kept saying how badly they treated him after the break up but honestly, I'm more inclined to side with them. They're able to speak far more unbiasedly/unemotionally about it and given how poorly Nurse treated me, it's not much of a stretch to believe their stories.

The description of the scene above where he beat you out of frustration is scary. That is not the action of a DM in control of himself. It is not the actions of a respected player in a respected dungeon. Dominants/tops have to know themselves better than the subs/bottoms they play with; they have to be willing to go inside and look at their own stuff, understand it, and figure out how to manage that in scenes. Everyone makes mistakes, it's true, and it's impossible (I believe) to know all about yourself. But your friends, E and M, have seen a pattern which indicates that playing with Nurse might be dangerous for you and possibly other people too. And by dangerous, I don't mean just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. An irresponsible dominant can really fuck up their subs on so many levels.

You've already figured this out. I just wanted to encourage you to hang on to that insight.
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