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Sometimes I suspect Sundance is just looking for the right magic words to get me to let go and be lovey with him again. His apologies are hollow, insincere. There is no remorse. He just wants things to go back to peaceful waters for him again. He won't allow me to process my anger or my pain, or give me any space. It's all about getting past that as fast as we can. He wants to hug me, wants me to look him in the eye, SEE his love for me.

He'll decry his innocence, every chance he gets. Usually this does more harm than not. I would rather him just not say anything. His most popular MO the past few days is to tell me "I see you are really in pain. You are crumbling. You need help. You need counseling. I'll go with you, I'll support you in any way I can."

Not saying you are doing any of this!!! Just wanted to show you the liar I'M living with. Who totally won't own up to his shit.
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