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I had read some about dbt, but from what I could gather, it was likened to exposure therapy, which is why I wasn't so sure it would work. Exposure therapy doesn't seem like it would do much on the surface other than make you face your fears, something that most of us probably aren't that good at...Actually, that might've been cognitive behavioral therapy that I was reading about, I tend to get those two confused, but they're sort of the same thing, or rather dbt is a branch off of cbt, I think. I guess it couldn't hurt to find someone to talk to when I have monies, and see what can be done about this. But as soon as I mention poly, don't most therapists tend to diagnose that as an illness in and of itself? "Oh, well, you're polyamorous, so there *must* be something wrong in your head, everyone knows that monogamy is the only way!"

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