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Default Great Info

Thanks so much for the help.....since this is my first time on, I am still mastering what to do, etc. I will definately search past threads.

In answer to some of Black Unicorns questions - I would actually consider myself straight, but I happened to experiment one time with a woman and fell in love with her. But I have never been attracted to any other woman besides her, and don't really care to have a sexual relationship with any other woman. I prefer men.

I was troubled that you felt the couple dating a single has the worst chance for success of any option. But on the other hand, I can see how jealousies would arise out of this situation.

Recent trials have been about me wanting to date, and have a relationship with, a man. Plus, we rarely spend time together due to her work schedule and workaholism, and I get lonely and bored and seek out the company of others. Sometimes this is friends, but I have also gone out with guys I met online and tried to keep it secret, but she found out about it......big mess.

The company I am seeking is definately one of romance and affection. I have lots of friends, a job, etc. but I want someone to share my dreams with and have him want to help me fulfill them, and vice versa.

The more I think about this, the more I think it is a bad idea. I just have a feeling that even bringing up the subject will cause Jean tremendous insecurity since she already knows I am interested in seeing men. And I have not family and I am not ready to be all alone in the world, so I think I should let sleeping dogs lie and just suck it up.
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