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Originally Posted by aussielover View Post
Just to address this point...Honestly after being ASKED to share my point of view on some things, and writing a rather long post about it, and then NO replies, I'm a little discourraged and feel like wtf is the point of me saying anything when I'll just be ignored. Especially one with so much meaning and me exposing my feelings on quite a few things. I'm an introvert by nature and that was a bit difficult for me to do in the first place.
I know for me-I look for all the new threads-but particularly this last week NONE of the threads show up dark (used to be all new ones showed up darker and any that had new posts since I'd viewed them did as well).
So I'm left scrolling around endlessly trying to recall if I've read something or not. Put that together with 2-3 days when ALL the first page and some of the second in a few places were new. Heck-Run out of time then!!
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