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Hey there!

I didn't have time to post much, but I did want to say that Borderline PD can definitely be helped with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Basically it just teaches you skills to learn how to feel your emotions, and deal with them without automatically reacting and letting your thoughts spin you into a cycle of doom.

You can google it, but it has a LOT of success. Most of the idea that Borderline PD can't be helped is not because it can't be done, but most borderline people don't go to therapy, and if they do they tend not to stick with it (or with one therapist).

If you realize you have some emotional stuff you WANT to fix, and you stick to it, you could definitely see a lot of benefit for yourself. You may always still have the thought/emotion process, but you'll know how to deal with it and see that it's under your own control.

I just wanted to toss that out there...
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