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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Ha, sooo, you were exactly right. Turns out I'm not a terrible person, I just like to freak myself out. Davis said "Don't experience me to get excited about Bee, k? It's not him or his parents, I just don't really... *shrug*" Me -- "Care about kids you don't have a connection to?" Him -- "Yup." Me -- "I'm sorry, I guess I got a touch of that myopia that parents tend to get about how their kid is the most perfect, interesting thing ever..." We chuckled over it.
Where I see guys get roped into kids is about age 4+. The kid has developed their personality and will do things like climb up on said unsuspecting guys lap and want him to read a story or fix a toy, etc. Then said child give will him a big sloppy kiss and the kid now has the guy wrapped around his finger for life. Once the kid chooses a target, the guy never had a chance. I've seen confirmed bachelor's (never wants kids, family, etc) do a complete 180 after getting caught in some toddler's sights.
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