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Default thanks

So thanks everyone for the feed back as for my boyfriend he sees it as a way to love more then one person and he would never do anything behind my back and we talk about almost everything. I know that it is not just sexual or that he just wants to sleep with others. I know that it is poly he wants he even signed up on this website to with me to work through this together.

As for if this is what i want i think i do. it is the insecurits i have that make it hard. I have always had fellings for other guys when i was younger and for the guy i was with at the same time. I did not understand what it was so i ended up cheating when i was younger often. I am having a hard time with the fact that he will be with others but i have to remeber i will be to and i might grow to love these other people as well. Boy Or Girl there is more to relationships then sex. I have to understnd that it is not a bad thing like i was raised to believe.

And thank you for telling me about your friend with PCOS that gives me lots of hope. This site is the best
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