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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
You were imagining having a "unicorn." Male or female, does it matter? You said you've had 3ways with her other partner... are you both bi?

You two are running into a very common scenario. It seems most couples first look for a "single hot bi babe" to share, when first opening their marriage. This hardly ever happens, and the partners go on to date separately. It's nice when ones' 2 partners click as friends, as your wife seems to wish, but that doesn't always happen either.
Inny or outy, either way is good for us as long as it's mutually respectful with shared life goals and earth based spirituality. Does that make us both bi? Either way, giddyup horsey!

So how does it work out in the end when each partner dates separately? I can feel myself detaching some from the primary relationship as she and I have started down that path.
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