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Originally Posted by saltandredpepper View Post
she doesn't want me to leave for the weekend which is my inclination.
I will just say on that note, when I think a solution works GREAT for me, but my partner's wanting me to not do it, I'm going to do it my way if there's no good reason not to. Nobody else should decree how I deal with my feelings. If you would feel better elsewhere, but don't want them to have to give up time together, I see nothing wrong with doing just that. It's not like it happens every month, and you'd know sooner than later if you would rather be in your own room after all. Nothing is stopping you from changing your mind and going back home if you want at any point in the visit.

Only reason I can think that she doesn't want you to leave (unless it's a $ issue) is that she feels guilty, but that's really her issue to work through. I think it's great that you are trying to take care of yourself. I don't see how it's better for you or her if you're home and suffering. I'd make a little solo road trip out of the weekend if it was feasible. Gotta be fun places to visit within driving distance.
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