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Oh well, drinking and posting. Breaking one of my cardinal rules. But who the hell cares, I don't about much at the moment.

I really tried to leave this thread alone, leave this life-sucking subject alone for one evening. I didn't speak of it at all to veganchick tonight. Okay, I just plain didn't say anything. If you don't have anything nice to say... But, I guess that just isn't good enough for her today, so she started her own thread here.

I will not pretend to have processed everything she has said there. I still have a hard time hearing her at all, especially if there is even a hint of dishonesty, and hint there is. I'll focus just on one aspect of that for now. She spends a good bit of time romanticizing another potential fuck buddy, Bob. Has she learned nothing from all of this?

Originally Posted by veganchick
I was actually excited to tell Podunk about my connection with Bob. I shared every detail – including that I considered sharing a bed and, had the situation been different, possible sleeping with him. “He'll be amazed that I found that “energy”. It's such a rare thing! “
What you really said is that you felt "the exact same thing" you have with me. Really? You thought I would be amazed by that? Excited even? You talked to some random dude for a couple of hours and found exactly what we have built over six years? How cheap is what we have?

Originally Posted by veganchick
I later received an email from Bob expressing that the feeling had been mutual. I shared all of this with Po and details of the emails that followed.
Really? Because you said I could read those emails and today I did. What Bob really said is that he wanted "to get naked with you, suck your tits and see how far he could get from there". Glossing over the details again much? You have told me this whole thing would have been a different story had you gone there to spend a week with Bob. Something tells me it wouldn't have been.

And in the interest of transparency and exploring my own personality flaws, I'll share the details of something I did today. It is likely immature and childish. I'm sure it will not be well received here. On a positive note, it finally shut both of us up, in person anyway. I am for a moment at least, not shaking!

I found today that veganchick brought home from the trip, her used condom wrappers. She stashed them by our bed as some kind of sick fucking souvenir! Either that or she is screwing someone locally too that I don't know about.. Who the hell knows at this point? (No we do not use condoms and have never had this kind even when we did.)

I left one of the wrappers on her pillow with a note that read "Awesome souvenir. Is it for me? You're the best." Yeah, anyway, I did that. There it is, have fun with it. Urgh.

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