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Default Yet another update

So, I agreed that I'd keep this forum posted into the happenings of this paradigm shift, and now I'm at the end of a full week since we really for sure went down this path.

Despite both of us having some hellish physical afflictions, I'm learning how to deal with migranes and she has some siatic nerve problems on her back, we're doing well together and have learned a few more things about our relationship.

The big news: I kinda have a relaxed atmosphere hang-out date with a friend of ours whom I'm really attracted. Now I'm just kinda wondering how to approach this, and what have you.

I got out of the house this to meet with a friend, K, and unbeknownst to me, A (my wife) told her about the goings on in our relationship, and that night I mentioned another friend of ours, S, that I really enjoyed visiting with at our dinner party. K provided me with her number and we've made some plans.

I'm not sure if our friend K has briefed S on my relationship, and I'm wondering if I'd completely surprising her if I bring anything up. Maybe it is just dating jitters I've never really felt since the 90s.

I know I'm not the only person new to polyamory who has felt this way.

Any tips?
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