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So the solution for her is moving out.....the truth is just too hard ....working to rebuild trust ...too hard.

I don't want to judge the content of the email ...what says or doesn't (others here will have fun picking that apart don't worry ) but what does it say that the topic is her lie's and when her own written words are used to demonstrate a possible inconsistency .... she's saying that what she wrote is a lie .....So she just lied to Paul now ....Wow.....I don't know who's going to believe that????

My advice to Veganchick ...stop talking and writing until you really know what you want to say ....and what the truth really is you saw it ...
I'm sure you had similar sleep problems ...and thus some this is a result of that ...things can get compounded fast.

Po....take a break from the talks ...try sleeping with tv or radio on ...the noise distracts your brain ....staring at the ceiling in the quiet just keeps the brain working on the puzzle.....and its now your puzzle to solve.
Why not give her the space to try to solve that puzzle ...then see if you can deal with that solution ....I just typed soulution by accident then thought that's the right spelling for this situation. You may want to encourage /help her get some sleep ....assuming she 's having trouble in that area....and that life altering declarations should be put off for a while ....til clearer heads can prevail. If that doesn't work then I suggest dueling pistols.....paint ball of coarse. I put the paint balls in the freezer for this....

Good luck D
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