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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Once I get emotionally close with someone, it's like "Why not?" At that point, I know they respect me, and have my best interests at heart (and me theirs). All the things that would normally stop me from sleeping with someone (unsure of intentions, trust that I'm safer with them, etc.) are gone. So why not, if the opportunity arises?
This is the wavelength I'm on. It really resonates. Someone here (it might have been you; it's probably somebody participating in this thread as well) said it this way which seems to explain it from a different angle:

Originally Posted by somebody on these forums
I think of sex as a form of communication, basically. It's really that simple to me. I don't think of it as forming a bond between the participants. I do feel a sense of connection, if it's good, which is part of communicating. Sometimes there is more of an emotional connection, and other times, it's more physical. I do think it is possible for that connection to be love, even if it's a situation where I know I will never see the person again. But it's a kind of love that I can feel without my mind getting all screwed up about it and what that means. If I feel disconnected from my sexual partner, it's frustrating and dissatisfying, like lousy communication. So, to me, sex is sharing who I am with someone (communication) on a level beyond words. In and of itself, sex doesn't have meaning beyond what I will ascribe to it. So, I prefer to be clear about what I want from the act and from the person with whom I am sexual.
It struck a deep chord with me, anyway.
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