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Thanks for the quick responses, nycindie and leannahope. As requested, here's the skinny. She's been involved with him three years, two as her distance primary and one as a secondary since I entered the picture as her local partner ten months ago. He's visiting for two weekends at the turn of the month which is the same duration as his last visit in the summer when we didn't have any one-on-one time but did plenty as a threesome. He and I share a mutual love for her but don't have or desire a separate friendship. She's encouraged me to explore other distance relationships but I'm 0/2 on that count. Neither of the former lovers I visited were able to accept that I live with and love someone else. On his last visit we spent the first weekend sharing a queen bed which worked out great for love-making but not so great for sleep. He slept in her former bedroom and current temple on the second weekend due to her teen daughter being home and this is when I got jealous and agitated - when she had alone bedroom time with him in our house. Herbal sleep aids didn't do the trick, ambien/lorazepam did but I don't want them, and she doesn't want me to leave for the weekend which is my inclination. Any other tricks of the trade?

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I think it might help if you gave us some more information. Here are some questions that will fill in some blanks:
  1. How long has your wife been involved with this person?
  2. How long is he planning on staying?
  3. Is that longer, shorter, or the same as last time?
  4. Have you planned to spend time with him one-on-one (as friends) or with him and your wife together on outings?
  5. Do you have an additional relationship, too?
  6. What kind of physical space do you live in and what will the sleeping arrangements be? Or what room will they be staying in?
  7. What were the most glaring things you had the biggest problem with the last time?

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