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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think most people just assume (because we've been fed this bullshit) that when sex happens between friends, it "ruins" the friendship. So, even if they want to, they don't go there for fear of losing a friend.
I couldn't agree more!

Also, this quote kind of hits what I mean. (I'm not sure on the etiquette for quoting other threads, especially if it's come from a blog, hence why I'm making them anonymous.)

I think one of the greatest things about having dear friends is that you can have totally committed, loving, sometimes even sexual relationships that lack the couple's dynamic. There's less of the whole OMG-where are we going-what will our relationship look like in ten years-is this what I want-do I really have what it takes-are we compatible in the long run-is somebody feeling neglected-are everyone's needs met-blahblahblaa in solid friendships, I think. Many good friendships, even loving ones, would be totally ruined if you force them into a couply mold.
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