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Sorry Indie, the partnership part was referring to sexual partnership.

I will try to respond to individual pieces of things when I'm back home. (Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!)

Also, this is not entirely clear in my head (hence my request for feedback), so if I contradict myself, it's just me processing.

With regards to the FWB part, my own definition is a friend who is more than an acquaintance, but less than a Friend that I sleep with. Fuckbuddy to me would be closer to the acquaintance side. I know everyone has different definitions of these things, which is why I am trying to stay away from labels and just describe how I feel. Maybe how I feel IS someone's definition of FWB!

The gist of what I can figure out now, is that when I become very emotionally intimate with someone, sex seems (to me) to be a natural extension of those feelings. In most cases. It doesn't always happen, and again, I'm not sure why. This is why when my friend in the previous example asked if I would sleep with him (even if it was in defeated sort of way, and he wasn't expecting my response) it was a no brainer to me. Of course I would sleep with him. I loved him and trusted him, what else needs be involved other than that (for me)?
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