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Default Weekend

The weekend was so unspectacular, that nearly every minute seemed to put up a banner saying “everyday life”. And it felt great. I didn't expect it to quiet down this fast.

Sward and Lin were working in Lin's room. First, there was some uproar because of the substance of the wall. When the house was build in 1876 it was build with the purpose to be demolished later on, to rise the price for the piece of land it was build upon. They speculated that the railway should be track laid across it. This never happened, it is located some meters to our right now. But because of this circumstance they didn't build it properly and there was used too much sand for the smoothing cement, which now decided to fall off when we started to paint and spackle it again. First it looked like we needed to redo the whole of the wall but now the paint seems to stabilize the substance of the wall. We will see how it goes. This little part is of importance because this would delay Lin's move-in to his own four walls for another two weeks. He has got some backpain from the couch already. But he refuses to take turns and sleep in bed with me because for him this room is now renovated and belongs to Sward and me. He doesn't want to invade his privacy. I know that Sward wouldn't be too resistant to him sleeping there, but I think he was grateful that Lin was so mindful of his situation. Of curse I didn't think of all the consequences at all, oblivious as I tend to be at times.

As I mentioned we started to save our money for harder times (that are more likely to come with every day that passes without Sward getting the second half of his paycheck from August). I started to train my cooking skills by composing the best tasting food with the cheapest material available. And it seems to work And for the first time I got the feeling how sweet it can be when the ones you love go to the kitchen to refill their plates. Again just little things but they made me smile. This should better stay this way, because I know I will need a lot of motivation to keep this cooking business on track, great as it may be, I just don't like it that much basically.

One of the first things that Sward wanted to change was our eating location. I love to eat at small and low tables, like the one we got in the living room. We got a higher table during the first year when we moved to our flat but later I pick up my piano from the house of my parents and the table was gone because we needed the space. But Sward wanted to have a table where we could eat all together. Therefore Lin agreed to take the piano to his room, because he didn't have that much furniture anyway. (Till the room is finished we placed it in Sward's bedroom) They set up our old table five days after Lin's arrival and we had to admit that Swards idea was great. It feels good to sit there and eat breakfast (weekend) and dinner (everyday) together. Saturday we stayed at the table after dinner and played some Uno, ate Nachos with salsa and drank some cold coffee It felt great and comfortable and I think that everyone starts to feel 'at home' with the others already. Of course, this won't happen completely till we finished Lin's room, because he doesn't have any private space at the moment.

Well, after rereading my post I have to admit: much ado about nothing , sorry for that dear reader. But that's what it looks like at the moment at our place and I am really glad that my life seems to be boring and quiet at the moment.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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