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I had a chat session with T and let him know that I want to move slowly. I do tend to think ahead of myself and want to do things quickly but I realized that I need to know him better first. M is the only man that I have had sex with in 8 years and adding someone new feels strange. I am sure that part of it is mono programming rearing it's head. I am also still grieving for Bear and that effects things as well.

When I spoke with M's mom prior to B's testing, she seemed to want to believe that she was just an above average child who had been worked with too much and was, therefore, ahead and would level off instead of an advanced child that will not level off with the proper educational environment and support for her strengths and weaknesses. When M let her know that she is indeed an advanced child and will not level off, she replied with, "Yep, we knew that she was smart,". I find that interesting. She doesn't want her to be advanced because she knows that will mean that she is going to continue in an unconventional schooling method regardless of where we live and will most likely finish HS well ahead of
her age mates.

It's not like we are going to push her out into the workforce early or even off to college before age 16 at the earliest as far as going off out of our home to college. I have decided that, since this state has a program where the school pays for
dual enrollment college courses for advanced students, we won't push them about her official grade level as she can get
her early HS credits done and when she gets up to age level senior in HS status, she will have the potential to have
achieved an associates to bachelor's degree at the same time without us paying more than our taxes for it.

What is important is that she is challenged and happy and continues to well academically and socially and is a good, well rounded person. That will also give her time to decide what she really wants to be and study when she goes off to school.

Q is doing much better with his talking but still not great with his potty training. I did tell him that, if he wants to start karate in January and preschool next August, he needs to potty on the potty. He said okay but I am not holding my breath.

M and I have had a few rough moments the past few days but I think we are all just worn out. Also, our oven is broken so we have to buy a new one as it will cost us the same to get a new one as it would to get a repair person out and to order parts for a 30+ year old stove.

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