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I will reply more later, but it's hard to quote and review and edit on an iPad. First, if I did misunderstand you RP, it's still given me food for thought, so not a bad thing at all!

But I don't think I did? I am not talking about friends with benefits. Yes, I have had those, still sort of have one on and off. I mean sharing myself completely with a Friend. (One of those ones that most people are lucky to have a handful of.)

I will try to explain with an example, but this example is just one facet of the kind of sharing I mean. It's not all identical to this.

I had a friend in university who had terrible luck with women. He had a lot of trouble meeting gals he liked, and was rejected a lot. It was sad, because he was a wonderful person. He felt unloveable and unattractive. I told him this was absolutely not the case at all. And he looked at me and said, "Really? Would YOU sleep with me?" as if that was an absurd idea. I told him that of course I would.

So we did. Just that once. It was wonderful to show him how much I cared about him. And I think he really needed to see that from someone. And honestly, our friendship didn't change, except to deepen.

Like I said, that's just one facet, more of a sex for healing type of thing. But maybe that makes my meaning a little clearer?
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