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Originally Posted by Darknyss View Post

I, for my part, am potentially borderline personality disorder (never been diagnosed, but fit most of the criteria) and I am *terrified* of being alone.


Wtf do I do? Any advice would be massive appreciated. I've got no idea where to turn at this point. Sorry if this is super long to read guys. Thanks
For starters -- wow. For someone with a potential personality disorder to even admit the possibility that he has one -- you are more courageous than most.

You say any advice would be appreciated, so here's my 2 cents: Get yourself evaluated. There is no reason to go around being miserable, when there is treatment available. I can't imagine you having anything right in your life until you get this addressed first.

Also, it is the human condition to be afraid to be alone. But you're NOT alone. You came to this forum, and here we all are.
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