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Default Physical intimacy with friends

Below is a statement from another thread, and my response. I would really appreciate feedback.

I have always needed companionship and deep friendships and can't seem to manage that without it becoming a relationship of partnership. Variety is part of that I guess.
This really struck true for me. I was talking about this with someone I am developing a close friendship with. I think it's the reason I don't have a lot of female friends, too. I inevitably end of falling for them in some way or another, and that's not cool for them. With men, the chances are much better they would be interested.

It's something I'm struggling with, really. Why must everything move toward a partnership? Is this some sort of problem I have, not being able to draw those neat little boxes for friends vs loves and actually keep everyone in their boxes?

Because for my true friends, I've already shared so much of myself, and they theirselves, how can I not want to see where that could go with physical intimacy? It's just one more way to bring you closer together, to show your love. Is that a bad thing?
To clarify, I don't mean making relationships with these people in the typical sense, like bf/gf. Just friends, with whom you also have sex, because it seems a natural compliment to your emotional intimacy.

I know I'm not expressing myself as well as I could, but hopefully enough of you get the gist and can help me work through this.
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