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She might have borderline personality disorder or you have totally set yourself up to be manipulated. Crying to her not to leave you because you will be lonely and because you need her could make people want to black mail you emotionally and this woman seems to be doing just that.

How do you find out for sure and make it stop? Get your own life back; your own finances, your own place, your own friends and your own goals. Adding your child to this in terms of getting him back will lilkely add to her black mail. Take her out of all equations except having dates and light hearted chats and sex. Obviously she is not a good match as a partner who is your anchor in life. She seems to think that means ownership over you. So don't do things, say things and act in a manner that allows that to happen. Take control and be independant.

You will notice if she is manipulative and emotionally black mailing you if she becomes angry that all of a sudden you are stepping out on your own to do things in your life that are your personal business. If she becomes whiney and revengeful then that would be a sign. If she uses ultimatums to get what she wants, that also would be a sign. Don't play into it. Ignore and stay calm. The longer you hold out, the more she may just realize that you are not going to allow her to control you. That would be my guess any way.

Good luck!
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